You can if you want to

I can do it if I want to. That’s how I think about most things I do. Anyone can use the same mindset because of how true it is.

No matter what’s said, if we truly want or want to do something, it will take a lot to stop us from doing something when we’ve made up our mind. The main problem most people encounter is their indecisiveness. Typically, people don’t have their minds made up as to whether or not they want to commit to a task that they can do. Maybe it seems too big for them; maybe it’s another external or internal factor that’s keeping their head spun as they walk around in figurative circles waiting for some ‘perfect opportunity.’ There’s a ton of different factors that can affect someone’s decision or lack of one.

But let’s set all that aside. Because there’s a basic principle that we have to understand despite whatever is going on around us that can affect how we think. The principle that no matter who you are reading this, if YOU want to, if you really want to do something, you have the ability to put in the effort required to do it. If you want something, you’ll find a way to get it, to make it work, no matter the conditions are given to you.

Whether you really believe what was said or not, it’s true. You have the ability to do it. Just like you have the ability to ignore what is said here and to continue your life-changing nothing, you have the ability to listen to what is said and start to make a change. It all boils down to what you want to do with your life. This is no one else’s choice but yours.