Work on your Craft

What are you good at? What do you like doing? What do you want to do?

Answer those questions as seriously as you can. Think and ponder about them, write them down if you can.

This is the basis for what you’re going to do for a while. If you have an answer to any one of these questions, that means you have your next goal. You have what you should be aiming for.

Because, if you’re not good at, don’t like or don’t want to do what you thought of/written down, then you just lied to yourself and you need to try answering those questions again. You need to have an answer for at least one of these questions to get started. It can be only one answer to one question, that’s enough, and preferred since you don’t have a lot of ideas clouding your view.

You need to find a time dump, something that you can invest your time into that isn’t just wasting your time like entertainment and social media apps. Since time is your biggest asset you have in abundance (but still never enough) you must invest it wisely.

By understanding what you want to do, you’ll know where you need to invest some of your time from now on into improving. It’s basically finding discipline in what you like. To offset the boringness of repetitive tasks and ‘the grind’ you need to do this grind with things that you like and want to do.

So yeah, answer the questions and start getting to work, time waits for no one. But that’s only if you’re actually serious about making a change or you just like reading these posts to feel like you’re doing something. You’ll see your choice in your actions.