What is your End Goal?

What’s your end goal? Where do you want, or expect to be in the next few years? 3? 5? More? Do you even have a general idea? Or are you just going with the flow in hopes that something will happen?

Basically, I think you should have an end goal. Something big you can aim for that you’ll connect to your present-day work — what you’re doing right now to achieve this big goal.

Slowly and surely. You can invest, or dump your time into what you need to do right now to reach where you want to be. The goal, or goals, is limitless. An example would be me; I want to be successful, rich enough to do what I want, when I want without any real boundaries. I also want to help people, millions if I can, through whatever innovative projects I’ll think of. There’s more goals I also want to achieve, and I believe that I will. This isn’t a result of misplaced confidence or arrogance or just nice talk for this post. I genuinely believe it because I’m working towards the smaller goals everyday. I’m posting as much as I can, I’m working on different business ideas I think have a chance to making it and I’m making sure that I stick to my plans and continue to push myself forward every single day.

Success is a formula, and having your end goal, the result of your ‘=’ in your formula of time x effort, then eventually, you’ll make it. At the very least you’re more likely to make it if you do it than if you don’t. So you might as well take the chance, right?