What does your vibe say about you?

You might not know how your own vibe affects others, but you can definitely tell how other people’s vibe affects you. How someone acts when they are around you is their vibe towards you. You can get more in-depth and complex with it when you talk about subtle non-verbal signals and cues whether positive or negative, but all of it comes down to how they feel about you which then translates into their vibe.

We read these vibes all the time when talking to someone no matter who it is. It’s natural. We don’t want to waste our and someone else’s time if they’re not interested in talking to us. Or maybe we do, but we’ll know more or less whether or not they’re interested.

So, just like how you read someone else’s vibe all the time, people read yours too.

This post is to just make sure you’re aware of this, that you can control it to your will. People can tell if you’re interested or not through overt and subtle signals. Through the gestures you make or don’t make and what you say, but more importantly, how you say it.

So, if you’re not sure what your vibe says about you, take a look at your vibe then. See whether or not you might be portraying an image of yourself that you might not want to. Or figure out how you can improve the image you’re currently portraying to better reflect how you want to be seen.

Remember: people judge you by your actions, not your intentions. And yes, people always judge you whether you like it or not, so best to take full advantage of this fact for your benefit.