Thank you and saying thanks

I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely grateful for my blessings however simple they may be.

But how often do you outwardly express your thanks? Whether it’s the random events that happen that somehow managed to help you out, or a person that went out of their way to enhance your life, it’s always good to recognize and appreciate it, even if it’s just externally expressing it internally. Which means that you conciously recognize your blessings and, in your thoughts, give thanks. Be it like me and thanking Jesus, or if you’d rather just thank the universe, it’s your choice. But Just Remember to Appreciate the Moments when good things happen to you.

Because good things won’t always happen, and depending on what you’re going through while reading this, good things could barely be happening at the current moment. But hey, you’re alive, you’re reading this, and even though it’s hard, you still have to express your thanks for being alive. If you don’t then:

  1. The good things will come much slower
  2. When the good things do come, you might not even realize it
  3. When the good things come, you wouldn’t even appreciate how good they truly are

So please, whenever you have the time, remember to be grateful. Think about all the blessings you’ve received in the past and be happy that you’ve gotten this far. By doing this, you’ll end up going much, much further than you originally would’ve if you were plain ungrateful, or didn’t realize/forget to give thanks for your blessings.

Stay Positive and keep pushing forward. We really only have one life, so try not to get too down about the life you’ve been given even if you’re in a bad spot. Life only happens to each soul once, so be grateful and enjoy it as much as you can. You’re still doing things no one else has done, because no one else has, or ever will live your exact life!