Sustainable Alternatives

I’m doing a course on Climate Change ran by the UN. And it’s pretty interesting how many solutions are out there yet aren’t out there.

‘We need to do this’, ‘that needs to happen’ for climate change to be eradicated, for us to reach the 2 or 1.5 degrees Celsius warming limit. There are lots of calls for action yet not much ones of significance are being done. And that’s where the discrepancy lies. Regardless of individual action, the big impact actions aren’t being done, the agreements our leaders make and conferences they attend are all the bureaucracy behind making these people look good while at these meetings, but we don’t hear enough outside of them. It’s a top-down-bottom-up approach, where both sides must work simultaneously to truly see progress.

But, it’s hard. To make a country move from its ways, from its status quo that has been hugely benefitting the ones who’ve implemented them and their associates is near impossible.

I don’t really have a solution to this massive problem, but one thing I do know is that we must do more as a group who cares for the environment. We need to push for more actual change, realistic change than the immediate, drastic, and unrealistic change that’s often being called for. Yes, we want ‘zero emissions now!’ however that’s not possible in the real world, with the current state of the economy. A change like that would crash our world even if the environment gets saved.

We need balance, a balance between a quick implementation and realistic results. Results that will actually make a difference. This post doesn’t help much in achieving it, but I hope it helps those fighting in countries bigger than mine to be mindful of the policy aspect of change, and how to meet the people where they currently are with our harmful ways and transition towards sustainable alternatives.