We all had it at some point. Though there is some evidence that stress, in moderated levels, can be good for you. For most of us, stress is way more of a bad thing than a good thing since we can’t control what stresses us or how to properly handle it….or can we?

You see, the thing with stress is that it actively puts pressure on yourself; your body, and your mind. This is why it can be detrimental but also very useful if you can channel it. Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily say to channel your stress into something good, since I’d much rather prefer for you to not have anything to stress about in the first place, but rather being able to put a healthy amount of pressure on yourself to do well.

If you’re able to pressure yourself to do something you need to do when you need to do it, then, well, you know what will happen.

So yes, put pressure on yourself, but no, don’t put any added stress on yourself and try to relive the ones you have right now.