Short & Sweet

Sometimes we end up talking way too much, we try to explain something, and end up going the extra three miles, wasting the time of others and especially yourself. I’m still very guilty of doing the same, but I’ve gotten better over the years. There was a time I had to warn people that I’m bad at explaining things so they can be patient with me jumping around a bit.

It’s a matter of trying. You must be actively aware that you’re getting better at explaining yourself and be self-conscious of the time you spend explaining something. What point are you trying to make? Have you already made that point? If you have, why are you still talking? It’s not a necessity to talk in a conversation where you don’t have anything of value to add. You end up learning more and getting more value out of listening, while at the same time adding much more weight to your words when you do speak because:

  1. You took the time out to listen to them and understand their point before making your own.
  2. Your point will be more informed and deliberate from understanding other’s opinions and you having the time to get your idea more organized.

Short and Sweet.