Clear, Measurable Outcomes

You have big ideas for yourself and what you’re doing. But how do you make sure you’re on the right track? How do you make sure you’re actually making progress and not just shooting the wind with your words and actions? It’s by having a clear end goal in mind.

This extends past the ultimate end goal as a result of your years of hard word and whatever you’re doing now is successful. I’m talking about the end goal for your current goals. Whatever goals you have for your ideas, where you want to be, what you need to do to, what exactly do you need to achieve to ensure these goals are met?

Basically, I’m saying that when you set your goals, ensure that the outcomes you’re seeking are clear and measurable. If you do this, you’ll be much more efficient in tracking your progress and finding improvements to your idea.

Cut out the fluff, hopeful talk, and wishful thinking. Get to the point and know what you need.