How to Generate Fresh Ideas

How do you get fresh ideas to continuously flow? Though not everyone naturally has the ability to come up with a slew of new ideas whenever they think, it’s still possible to improve the amount of ideas you can produce.

But just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily easy. I can’t give you a definite solution, but instead, principles that you can use to help you improve.

Take Inspiration from everywhere; Appreciate everything

Soak in life like a sponge to water. Take time to truly appreciate your surroundings no matter where you are, because even if you don’t like where you live, there’s still some beauty to it that you wouldn’t normally appreciate because you’ve lived there for so long.

Appreciate the small things too. Despite whatever conditions you’re facing, the fact that you’re alive is a good start. And though being alive is definitely not a small thing, we don’t think much of it or appreciate it until we’re either on our deathbed or someone close to us dies.

In essence, look around you and start appreciating more, start looking at the small details of what’s around you and you’ll have more to think about when you have to come up with an idea. Those little appreciations stack up big time in your database of things you know to then pool into your idea pool later down.

Take time out to think & think properly

If you’re in the process of thinking of a new idea for something, take the time out to just sit down and think. Plan out your ideas or just start going through your experiences and see if anything you’ve learnt over the years would help in the particular situation you’re in.

Think properly, don’t just glance over ideas because you might not sound that good initially, chances are you don’t need a lot of great ideas. You just need a few, maybe just one that can propel you forward. I’ve had many wild and dumb ideas turn into something good or at least a great learning experience.

Try new things; Step outside your comfort zone as often as possible

You know it, but don’t do it. I’m not saying it’s hard, but it’s also not easy. But the difficulty doesn’t truly matter. If you really want to improve, get new experiences, and have fresh ideas constantly flowing, you’ve got to do it. You’ve got to step outside the box you’ve made for yourself and expand it.

Whether it’s trying new hobbies or talking to new people, you need to commit yourself to doing something you might have thought about but haven’t done before. You must.

Take every idea & thought seriously

Similar to #2, take your ideas seriously even when they suck. Give them a little bit of your time, expand on it more, even if it’s for a little bit. Dabble in the weird thoughts you have, it doesn’t take much time but could produce interesting results.

Finally: Love it. Love What You’re doing.

As I’ve Said before, and will continue to say: Stay consistent. Do what you have to do to make it and don’t stop.