How Ambitious is too ambitious?

When I tell people about what I want to do, I often get called ambitious. That I have big dreams. And though I’ve never been directly told that I can’t make it or what I’m planning is unrealistic alongside other negative talk, I do know that people often take my ideas with a grain of salt.

Of course they do, that’s only natural and expected. What says that I’ll ever make it? Why would I, or even how would I make it? What makes me different from any other person with big dreams and wants to achieve them?


Absolutely nothing.

It’s just big talk. Nothing more, and it could be less.

So, why do I keep doing it then? What’s the point?

Well, that’s the thing. If I stopped dreaming big, if I decided to put my ideas at a standstill, then what would I get?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

My ambitions are the only thing keeping me going, it’s the only promise I have for a better life. It’s the same for any person who was even moderately to wildly successful in life. They had to leverage their ambitions, their dreams that things will be better and that they’ll get to where they want to be eventually. That if they kept on trying, pushing again and again even though failure looms ever so close and eventually becomes your best friend, they kept on pushing.

And that’s all we have; our dreams, our ambitions, our determination to do better every day until you prove yourself right, and those who didn’t believe in you wrong. Patiently toiling away, moving forward bit by bit to reach the end goal.

So do what you have to do, dream as big as you want to, and then step it up a notch for good luck. Don’t let the only leverage you have to do better and reach success be undermined by negative thoughts from yourself or others.