Embrace your accidents

How often do you make a mistake? Whether its an artistic error or something different, we all eventually do something we didn’t initially mean to do. But how often do you look at your mistakes positively? Often mistakes are ones to be corrected, fixed, and adjusted to the desired outcome you had already pre-determined before starting your project…. But there are times where mistakes come in extremely handy. Times, where you were expecting something to look or sound worse after you made a mistake, may actually look better even if initially it may not look so. Sometimes you realize the improvement instantly and others you’d have to sit down and look at it for a while before you realize your unintentional genius.

The point of this short article is to encourage you to embrace those mistakes. Before you quickly hit that ctrl+z on your next work take time out to look at your mistake and see if you can turn it around to become something that’ll enhance your work or a future idea for a future project. You really never know what may come out of a mistake, and oftentimes your mistakes are what sets you apart from all others.

Embrace, Adapt, Achieve.