duplicate days

Every day is pretty much the same these days. It’s another Friday, but it doesn’t come with the typical ‘it’s the weekend!!’ joy and partying that accompanies it. It’s just another day at home, under quarantine for most of us. I think that’s pretty crazy. The entire world is on lockdown and people are either loving it, hating it, or suffering tremendously because of it.

I pray you’re loving it or at least taking this unexpected time off to reflect. I’ve been doing lots of that and I’ve changed a lot since I’ve been back in Montserrat. One of the realizations I’ve had is with time, just how short yet long it is. The weeks in 2020 have been getting knocked out one by one at an impressive rate. It’s interesting how faster the days have been going by since the lockdown. We’re already in our first week of May, the 5th month of the year and we won’t be fully out of the woods until sometime next year. We’re hoping to reopen travel in the next few months but with tight restrictions. Things won’t be ‘normal’ anytime soon, but I think that’s a good thing. We’ve experienced ‘normal’ for all our lives more or less, things, systems, countries haven’t been shaken to the core like this since the world wars. There’s only a handful of events as significant as this that has changed the entire course of humanity. I really feel like this will cause a significant change, at least as much as you make it.

There’s lots of opportunity and potential going on all around you. If you really want to live the life you see on Instagram or just the life you always imagine, open your eyes to the potential all around you. Purposefully look around for new things to do and try. Get as involved as you can in whatever you’re interested in. Get yourself into a productive routine and appreciate the little steps on your way to success.