Do it again

And again, and again, until you get it right.


We often talk about it, but don’t really take it on.

But why don’t we? Why do we think that the simplest answers are the wrong ones?

I don’t know the full neuroscience behind it, and it’s easy enough to search for if you’re curious. But understanding why is less important than knowing that you’re not putting in the effort you need to if you want to be where you imagine yourself to be, and that needs to change.

How do you change it?


It’s a simple action and state of mind, but hard to keep up after a while. But that is exactly what separates the people who are successful from those who aren’t. The level of success you achieve in the next 5 years is directly related to how much Discipline you put on yourself to do what you need to do over and over until you reach your breakthrough.

Little steps go long ways in regular life. So just make sure you take one small step every day and don’t miss a beat. The interest pays very well on this investment.