Being Flexible

How flexible is your life when it comes to change? Are you able to make and commit to snap decisions you may have to make with little time to spare?

Flexibility has a lot of different meanings and comes in different contexts. For this post, I’m talking about flexibility when it relates to quick decision making. Being decisive and flexible can and will greatly help with moving forward in whatever you plan to do. Since you never really know what will happen in the future, your plans for whatever you’re doing should also come with a personal tinge of ‘expect the unexpected.’ You never know what’s going to happen, but commit to yourself that whatever does happen, it’s not the end. You won’t give up and you’ll find a way around the problem. Once you have that mindset, it usually works out itself.

Adaptability is another good word for what I’m talking about. Nothing is ever a straight line in life, so be prepared for the bends and bumps as you progress forward!